Genuine Ford Parts at Jeff Wignall Ford

Choose genuine Ford parts for your next service or repair – because they’re manufactured to factory specifications, they make the perfect match for your Ford and ensure a longer working life.

All our original Ford parts and accessories carry a 12-month factory warranty, so you know you’re getting the perfect fit for your car.

We’ve got parts for all models ready to pick up at our service centre today. And if you need something special we can order it in for you fast.

Not sure what you need? Ask one of our friendly car parts team. They’ve got years of Ford experience and are fully factory-trained so they’ll help you find the part that will work best.

Genuine Ford Parts

Genuine Parts versus non-genuine. It's your choice.

Ford takes pride in producing high quality replacement parts. All Genuine Ford Parts are engineered and tested to ensure that they not only meet Australian Design Standards but also in many cases exceed them.

Genuine Ford Parts Warranty for peace of mind.

As Ford has the highest confidence in the quality and performance of its products, Genuine Ford Parts purchased from an authorised Ford Dealer are covered under warranty for a period of 12 months or 20,000kms, whichever occurs first.

Stringent quality standards.

Because Ford is a vehicle manufacturer, we are required to meet Australian Design Standards. As non-genuine part manufacturers only produce parts, they are not obliged to meet these standards. With Genuine Ford Parts you can be assured of the highest standards of quality, fit and finish.

Customer satisfaction is our driving force.

Genuine Ford Parts are designed to meet the highest level of quality expected not only by Ford, but also by our customers.

Genuine Ford Parts and your vehicle's resale value.

Discerning buyers of second-hand vehicles give preference to those vehicles that are serviced regularly using Genuine Ford Parts. If a vehicle has been repaired using Genuine Ford Parts after an accident, it may assist in maintaining the vehicle's resale value. Genuine Ford Parts are also designed specifically for your Ford vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and superior performance.