Once you’ve purchased a new Ford and have spent time with your vehicle, we offer you a complimentary ‘Peace of Mind’ service inspection after 3,000km’s, or 2 months (whichever is first), to ensure everything is as it should be.

    The inspection involves taking a look at a number of different areas of your Ford as outlined below as well as helping you understand how to use some of the features in your new Ford if you are unsure.

    Items inspected (where applicable):


    Clarify features of vehicle to customer


    Complete customer instructions


    Driving vehicle into workshop


    Instrument gauges, warning/control lights and horn

    Check operation


    Check operation, adjust, if necessary (where applicable)

    Washers, wipers

    Check operation, adjust, if necessary

    Inside the vehicle


    Exterior and respective control lights, instrument cluster illumination

    Check operation/condition

    Steering column

    Inspect steering column lock operation

    Park brakeCheck operation, adjust, if applicable
    Inspect handbrake warning lamp operation

    Automatic Transmission

    Inspect starter inhibitor switch operation

    Inspect automatic transmission

    Chech T-Bar operation

    Manual transmission

    Inspect manual transmission/transmission linkage operation

    Climate control

    Check climate control system performance

    ECU self test

    Auto/Trans Engine including idle speed and ABS check, if applicable

    Seatbelts, buckles and stalks

    Check operation and condition

    Outside the vehicle



    Check door adjustment

    Water entry

    Check for body related water leaks

    Under the bonnet



    Inspect Engine Oil
    Auxiliary drive beltsInspect drive belt condition
    Induction air filterInspect air cleaner, intake manifold tube and hoses

    Inspect cooling system condition including clamps

    Ignition system

    Inspect condition/security of ignition leads/coils

    Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel feed lines

    Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)

    Engine, vacuum pump, heater and radiator

    Check for damage and leaks (where visible)


    Inspect battery security and terminals, grease if necessary.

    Manual transmission

    Inspect manual transmission oil

    Cruise control

    Inspect cruise control actuator cable, if applicable

    Under the vehicle



    Inspect exhaust for signs of leakage, wear and damage

    Heat shields

    Inspect heat shields for correct fitment and signs of wear or damage

    Steering, suspension linkages, ball joints, sideshaft joints, gaiters

    Check for damage, wear, security and rubber deterioration (where visible)

    Engine, transmission

    Check for damage and leaks

    Pipes, hoses, wiring, oil and fuel feed

    Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)


    Check condition of PVC coating


    Inspect tyres for wear/damage

    Road test



    Inspect engine driveability

    Cruise control

    Inspect cruise control operation

    Noise, vibration and harshness

    Inspect squeaks, rattles, wind noise and powertrain noise

    The ‘Peace of Mind Inspection’ expires after 5,000 km or 4 months after delivery of your new Ford (whichever is first), so make sure you book an appointment at your local Ford Dealer today.

    More information related to the ‘Peace of Mind’ inspection can also be found in your Customer Assistance and Warranties (CAWS) guide.

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