We burn-up fuel sitting in traffic, at lights, even waiting for people. Turning your engine off every time it’s idling would let you go further on a tank of fuel. But who can be bothered, right? So we developed a way to make the engine do it for you.


How it works

  • When your car comes to a complete stop, the engine turns off automatically.
  • As soon as you take your foot off the brake the engine restarts with no delay.
  • Your climate control fan, audio system and headlamps still work while your engine is off for your comfort.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors detect interior temperatures and if your desired temperature is not being maintained the engine will turn on.
Ford How it works

  • Auto Start-Stop can improve fuel efficiency, on average, by up to 3.5%* compared to a similar car without this feature. For city drivers, it could be as high as 10%*, if you spend a lot of your driving time in idle.
  • The system works automatically but you can turn it off, if you wish.

  • The engine won’t stop if it’s warming up or in extreme temperatures. It may also start again if your battery needs re-charging. 
  • An enhanced pinion on the starter motor that quadruples the number of starts compared to a conventional starter motor is just one of the adjustments we made to the engine and transmissions to handle the increased number of starts.

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