Testimonials for Jeff Wignall Ford

There’s one good reason why we keep winning awards – remarkable customer service. Here’s what our customers say about their experience at Jeff Wignall Ford…

We’re not just enthusiastic about cars – we’re passionate about people, too. Every day we’re driven to deliver amazing experiences that go above and beyond the norm. And we’re thrilled to report our customers think we’re doing a great job.

What Our Customers Have Been Saying

"I absolutely love my Mustang. I call it ‘The Legend’. It inspires me! Am I on a high? Yes … not drugs or alcohol induced but rather the effect this amazing car continues to have on me. It is one of the most courageous and best things I have ever done. In preparation, I ordered a set of Mustang plates which acted as my co-conspirator spurring me on. I had to overcome a lot of emotional hurdles before I could even consider ordering my Mustang – you know – old generational thinking, “Why would a woman of her age be driving a muscle car?” My answer: “The purchase of my Mustang was never about logic. It was/is an emotional connection with the car that defies reason.” Surprisingly younger men showed their disapproval more than the older generation. Go figure!

Then there was ‘Mustang Sally’! OMG, how on earth did I get past that one? But yes … yes, I did. The more I overcame, the bolder and better I felt! You boys have no idea. I was told by one of your salesmen that it wasn’t a sexist car – but yes, yes it is! In my opinion, that adds even more sparkle to its appeal and primal fun.

So cheers Ford for importing this darling muscle car into Australia."

- Louise L. Kallaway